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Columbia, TN and Surrounding Areas

Big jobs, small jobs and in-between jobs, we do it all. From interior home renovations to exterior pressure treated decks, soffit repairs, roofing, siding and window replacements.

Repairs to all types of water damage, whether it's in the roof, ceiling, floor, subfloor or floor joists. We can fix it all, like new, guaranteed!

Why is it important to hire a  contractor who has a business license?

  • A licensed contractor (City/County) is not a "fly-by-night" person or company.

  • Easily locate a licensed contractor by visiting your County Clerk's office and giving them the contractor's license number.

  • The City/County will know how to contact these contractors if need be.

  • You can also obtain information by visiting the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints against them.

  • Using a licensed contractor gives you a level of protection that you don't have when you hire a non-licensed person or company.
Remodeling and Home Repair
Lic.# 88600
Columbia , Tn. 38451
Fully Insured

  1. Kitchen backsplash before remodel
  2. New backsplash with rug design and granite countertops
  3. Tile 'rug' design matching stove backsplash
  4. Old deck
  5. New deck with pergola-style roof
  6. Copper bathtub and tile work in new bathroom
  7. stairs wrap around deck corner
  8. Seat with storage on deck
  9. Bathroom remodel
  10. Outdated bathroom
  11. New look - decorative tile and cabinet
  12. Storage area shown converted to artists studio
  13. Storage area before conversion
  14. Carport conversion to an apartment
  15. Garage before conversion to apartment
  16. Garage after conversion to efficiency apartment
  17. Exterior of converted garage
  18. Deck before being rebuilt
  19. Rebuilt deck with screened in porch
  20. Custom bath before renovation
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Some times you just cannot make a bathroom any larger. That is when you do a facelift on the area that you have to work with. Remodeling a bathroom can often make it appear larger and certainly gives it more appeal. 

  •  New countertops and faucets along with new     
            cabinet hardware works wonders.

  •  Decorative baseboard and maybe some new  
            crown work for the ceiling

  • Replace the laminate flooring with some
          ceramic tile (non slip)

  • Paint the walls and ceiling

  • Consider adding new lighting fixtures

  • Add a large mirror to create the illusion of space